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sofa bean bag bed
i fell alseep on the couch. when I awake, I feel this sharp pain in my right arm .. EACH! .. Why?

well last night, I feel asleep on the couch and when i woke up, I had this pain in my right forearm. is no higher than the elbow. (Im 16 and a girl). I took two Advil and went to bed, I took three hours to mourn and curse my arm to sleep. in the middle of the night I asked my boyfriend to get the "magic bean bag" and put it in the microwave. I fell asleep with the itch on my arm, but after 1 hour, i woke up again to the pain, the bag of beans in the microwave. This morning the pain had happened to my wrist. after I took a hot shower 30 minutes gone. I had the bright idea of falling asleep on the sofa again today nd the same pain. I'm afraid that happens even if I sleep in my bed first Monday, I have an exam to write. I can write in this pain! Help? What should I do, and what is? .. how I can prevent it? Ps.when attempt as "massage my arm," I pressed, but it hurts like 4 times: (Help please ..!

sleep back:) and if it happens again take a shower hot water again, but if I can not disappear suggest for medical help), but it's nothing too serious for is well and sorry for the pain that happened to me before, its so freakin pain: (

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Make A Bean Bag Chair

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make a bean bag chair
How can I make a comfy chair at Home like a bean bag?

I want my room to be a cool place to chill out but i need someplace where us girls can sit, talk and relax while having the same comfort of a bean bag! Help me out by sending me links, or step by step instructions from you (that would give you better chances of winning best answer, it’s preferred ! ) :) Thankyou

That’s a bit of an undertaking if you’ve never sewed before. My mom made me one back in the late 60’s early 70’s and I remember it was a bit of work for her.

The basic Bean Bag Chair is like a banana but with 6 ( if I remember correctly ) sides and a bottom piece. The biggest problem that I remember is the filling. You’re filling it with Styrofoam pellets which, given the nature of Styrofoam, stick to anything and everything due to the static electricity.

When you fill your chair, you might try some of the static guard stuff that you use on clothes to keep it off you or your clothing but once it’s done they’re nice to have.

Good luck!

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sofa bed beanbag

My dog licks everything! the couch, floor, beds, carpets, ball, wall … anything that comes in contact MUST be licked! what is wrong with him??

Sometimes dogs lick to relieve stress. If you have a busy life can be as stressing. Try to give more exercise and attention.

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bean bag furniture sofa bed
What size moving truck to use?

What size moving truck to use?

I have to move in a week and I am trying to pick a truck size at Uhaul but I can’t decide. I have a small one bedroom apartment. I would like to move everything in one trip. I am trying to decide between the 17 foot or the 24 foot truck. Here is a list of all the furniture and number of boxes we will be moving:
One full size bed
2 large dressers
1 small dresser
1 desk
4 chairs
small dining table
3 medium bookshelves
1 big couch
1 king size Corduroy bean bag sofa
1 big tv
tv stand
1 headboard
1 large framed picture
23 large tuperware storage containers
20 small-medium boxes of stuff
1 big computer monitor and tower

ok, so that is all our stuff…should we use the 17 foot or the 24 foot to move it all in one trip? The other thing I need to consider is that the 24 foot truck might be a hassle to drive and park at the new place.

We are also only moving 5 minutes down the street.

Use the 17 ft. The 24 ft will hold a 2-3 bed room Home and you certainly dont have that much stuff. Remember it is cubic feet you are using and therefore you want to pack it in well so that things dont shift during the drive.

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bag bean bed sofa
Whats your fav thing to LOUNGE on?

bean bag..sofa..pillows..bed..deck chair..hammock or something else?

Hhahahaha,you said hammock!!!!! i can only think of one thing,someones banana hammock!!!! heheheh

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beanbag chair supplies
What would you think of this?

I’m getting my own dorm room this summer and while I’ve already got a couple of pieces of furniture (that are supplied by the university), I’m looking to do some decorating.

I’m considering buying the following:
*a Talking Heads poster
*a Dr. Strangelove poster
*a Canadian flag
*a gay pride flag

I already have a stereo and a beanbag chair. Do you think that the room would look nice?

Do you think that there’s anything I’m leaving out?

A small refrigerator and a small microwave (if you have room It’s nice to be bale to nuke a snack without having to go to the common room everytime).

Curtains. It is nice to be able to take a good nap in the room during the middle of the day. Sunlight on the computer screen or t.v. can be really annoying. (Dorm rooms usually have cruddy blinds)

If you don’t have a desk in the room, get one. It will be essential if you want to study in your room.

The Talking Heads poster is great! Perhaps you could find a couple Head’s vinyl records to hang along side the poster. Ebay?

Get a black light fixture and a red bulb for a lamp. This is a cool light scheme to lay back and listen to music. And for…. =D.

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bean bag sofa bed
What should I do with my room in the attic?

I live with my parents in a house with 4 bedrooms, so there are a couple of rooms available – Including one in the attic. is not a typical attic room – no carpet or bare wire stacked boxes, and it is definitely clean. has a sink, a couple of bean bags, painted walls and carpet. My parents allowed me to have this room as well as my own bed room. I like it because it has more privacy it is in the "attic." I would like to make it a place where I can relax and hang out with friends … I was thinking of using it as a place to be creative – drawing, music, etc. .. Does anyone have any idea how I could make a good cozy comfortable room – a kind of bedroom 2 floor without a bed -? any ideas would be appreciated, thanks. ps: there is a large room, a small sofa that occupy an entire wall. space-saving ideas ..?

Put lots of mirrors =) And things are getting funky color. You could make collages with themes and placed around, or just general collages. Only a few thoughts ..

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Faux Suede Bean Bags

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faux suede bean bags
Is there any place that sells coffee faux suede bean bags at a reasonable price?

looking brown suede bean bags imitation I can not find any, please, anywhere. black faux suede is good too, though xx

Hi, I bought mine off eBay new custom-made …… Try here …. I have two of these ….. They go well with my outfit leather brown. Hope that helps Danny

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Diy Bean Bag Sofa

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microfiber or suede?

which one in more suitable for a bean bag?

I would say Microfiber because you can wash it. The suede looks gorgeous but cleaning it would be very expensive. (Specially if you have kids).

By the way I love those, they are really big, I haven’t seen any that big before, very nice and comfy looking too.

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